Thom is a very special 21 year old, who just happens to be a wheelchair user following an accident. He has many friends, and a number of them have united to set up this Appeal on Thom's behalf. They have asked his family to put together a short biography to tell you a bit about his life so far, and his hopes and plans for the future.

Thomas Craig Donaldson was born on 19 July 1985. His calm, contented, laid-back attitude was evident from birth. Always ready to reason and eager to please, he never hit the dreaded Terrible Twos or had a tantrum. At a Nursery School Parents' Evening when he was three and a half a teacher commented that if he was any more laid back he'd fall over. It seems that not much has changed.

Thom continued to thrive at Red Hill Primary School in Worcester, where he made some lovely friends. His easy banter made him popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

At eleven, Thom moved to Hanley Castle High School where he generally found time to complete his homework before meeting up with friends to go out skating, biking or swimming. He has always loved being outside and active, especially on the beach in Polzeath or camping in the Forest of Dean.

Thom was happy and successful during his time at Hanley. He particularly enjoyed the fantastic annual ski trips and a German Exchange which broadened his horizons and gave him a chance to try out his language skills. At fifteen, he looked very dashing as Theseus in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. He left in 2001 with a very respectable 10 GCSEs at grades A*-C.

After school, Thom spent a year at Worcester Sixth Form College. A further German Exchange Trip and more practical Drama were highlights of this time but Thom was not a committed academic at this point. He decided to enter the world of work.

Thom's first jobs were a means to an end; he wanted to pass his driving test and buy a car. His interest in cars first became apparent when, as a toddler, he used passing traffic to learn and practise his colours. He progressed to lecturing anyone who would listen on the makes and model numbers and has always preferred a good car magazine to a novel. Throughout his childhood he would doodle increasingly elaborate and aerodynamic high speed racing cars.

When, in Spring 2005, Thom found out that Morgan Cars were offering apprenticeships, his eyes lit up. After the selection and interview process, he finally received the letter to tell him he'd been successful. He re-read this a few times to make sure it was true and was absolutely delighted to start work in the Trim Department in August. Even after a few months he still insisted that he enjoyed the work so much that he would do it for nothing; the pay packet was a very welcome bonus. He appreciated the family atmosphere of the Company and felt that he was set up for life.