Thom joined the Morgan Motor Company in August 2005 as an apprentice in our Trim Department. He was very proud of his job at the factory and fully committed to learning everything he could. Thom quickly became a well loved member of the Morgan family and thrived in his working environment.

In July of this year we were shocked and saddened to learn that Thom had been involved in a tragic accident. Thom broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord and is now paralysed from the neck down.

Thom has spent the months since the accident at Oswestry Hospital where he has undergone surgery to re-shape his vertebrae and strengthen his neck. From the early days immediately after the accident Thom was kept completely immobile to enable his body to heal. Since his surgery Thom is now able to sit up in bed or in a wheel chair and is undergoing extensive physio therapy sessions.

Thom spent his 21st birthday in hospital but refused to celebrate the occasion saying he would rather wait until next year when he is out of hospital. It is hoped that he will be home by February of 2007 when a launch party for his appeal is planned.

The most astounding thing to shine through has been Thom’s strength of character, his sheer determination to get well, and his sense of humour With the support of his family and friends he has remained strong and positive and has great plans for the future.

Thom’s colleagues at Morgan have launched this appeal because there will be all sorts of equipment Thom will need when he returns home. From donations already received Thom has purchased a voice controlled laptop computer so that he can download music. However, a head mouse to go with the laptop would be invaluable to him as it would open a world of opportunities for work, entertainment and Internet access etc.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and it is our aim to raise as much money as we possibly can to make Thom’s future more comfortable. Any support you are able to give is appreciated more than we can say




Please take the time to get to know Thom via this site. Thom has a long journey ahead of him, but with the help of his friends “new & old” we are confident that he will complete his journey